Our Philosophy

At Learn to Play our primary goal is to inspire our students to want to excel in their musical journey.  We do this through teachers who enjoy teaching, are passionate about their own instrument and believe in positive reinforcement.

Our teachers encourage our students by creating a supportive environment where they feel safe to enjoy themselves whilst learning.

Our lesson structure provides development of technique, theory and varied repertoire which gives our students a full musical education.

Learning music is more than reading the black dots on a page. There is the history behind it – the period it was written in, the composer and his/her life, what story the music is telling.

Our teachers impart this to their students and start the young minds thinking about more that what they first see when a page is turned.

Music should be enjoyable. We aim to expose you to all facets of making music so that you can love playing for years after you have left us.

We place an emphasis on being able to share your music with other. To facilitate this we provide regular concerts and recitals. We incorporate training into our lessons to develop techniques that help with the different stresses that performance brings.