Group classes are the perfect beginning for students providing a systematic and enjoyable way for them to learn an instrument. Group classes also provide an excellent start for students who may later want to learn to play another instrument, as the stimulating and educationally sound musical activities included in the program promote general musicianship skills.

Areas covered in the program include:

  • Singing songs – a basic way of enjoying music, developing a range of repertoire through songs with different style and developing sensitivity and expression as well as phrasing, tempo and dynamics
  • Singing Solfege – to develop accuracy of pitch and rhythm;
  • Looking at harmony – to develop each students skills so that they can create simple accompaniments to a given melody and to build a foundation for improvising and composing music
  • Reading and writing music notation – to develop an intellectual understanding of musical elements and the ability to ‘hear’ a piece of music away from the instrument
  • Ensemble playing – to gain an understanding of rhythm and pulse, to look at each part and to recognise how it contributes to the piece as a whole and to become aware of orchestral tone colours and the importance of the balance between parts
  • Solo repertoire – where students learn complete pieces of music with the help of appropriate technical exercises and, through performance, develop musical confidence and gain the satisfaction of playing on their own.


Age Range

4 – 5  |  6 – 7  |  8 – 10  |  10 –13  |  14 – 16  |  17 +     maximum of 5 students per class

  • To engender in students a love of music through active participation.
  • To introduce and develop understanding of basic musical concepts through a sequential program.
  • To provide the skills necessary to play their chosen instrument.
  • To encourage and to help to prepare music students for future learning and involvement

Lessons are available everyday