The violin is one of the stringed instruments without frets. The other instruments within this group are the Viola, Cello and Double Bass. Sounds are produced on these instruments by precise finger placement on the strings and drawing a bow across the strings simultaneously.

Violin LessonsWe are proud to be able to offer lessons in the Violin and Viola.

The violin is an instrument that can be studied from a very young age. It is a great instrument for students to learn pitch and develop aural skills. A versatile instrument, it is at home in a range of styles from classical to country and folk fiddle playing.

The viola is closely related to the violin with a larger body, tuned one fifth lower with a deep resonate sound.

Within your violin lessons you will learn how to read notation, understand and recognise rhythmic patterns, music analysis, development of aural skills, understanding and application of all bowing techniques, co-ordination and theory.

Our teachers are able to deliver a wide variety of different styles and genres.

Lessons are available everyday